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On Nen Exorcists

So about nen exorcists. From what I've gathered, even though they are called nen exorcists, they don't really exorcise nen, rather they displace it temporarily. For example, when Hina removed APR from Cheetu, the nen stayed in her stomach. When it disappeared, she knew that Cheetu had died. As for Abengane, he conjures a nen beast that eats the nen and then lurks around until the nen is dispelled by the castor, the target dies, or possibly the castor dies.

So how exactly is that nen beast supposed to eat the chain off of Chrollo's heart? How does that work exactly? And I'm guessing the nen beast is going to accompany him until the nen is dispelled in truth.

Any thoughts on what's going to happen?